Taking a Stand on the Pink Ribbon – Confessions from a Daughter Without a Mother – YBC Guest Post

Photo credit by author.

This week I had the pleasure of writing another guest post for the Yoga by Candace (YBC) blog! On today’s post, I open up about my mom, my love for writing, and my struggle with finding a middle ground on the pink ribbon. Candace Moore, founder and owner of YBC, is a badass yoga instructor, author, blogger, and just all around inspirational woman. Below you can find a sneak peak of my guest post, and for more please visit her blog by following this link

Do you ever wonder what your life would’ve been like if one thing – just one thing – had turned out differently? As human beings we undergo an innumerable amount of experiences in our lifetime, so it’s hard to point to that one defining moment and say, “That’s it, that’s the moment that shaped my life forever.” But still I ask, do you ever wonder what could’ve been if just that one thing hadn’t happened in the way that it did? 

Well for me, pointing out that one thing is not in the least bit difficult. Every day to some capacity, whether I realize it consciously or not, I think about it. That defining moment for me was when my mom died from breast cancer.

Cheers friends, ✌️✨

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