Pink Ribbon Spotlight – Essential Eyebrow Solution & the Look Good Feel Better Foundation

Photo contributed by author.

If you’ve followed my #PinkRibbonInvestigation series on Facebook and Instagram, you’ll know how much careful thought and consideration I put into each of my breast cancer awareness cause-related product investigations. That’s why when I was contacted by Essential Eyebrow Solution (EES) to support their Breast Cancer Awareness Month partnership with the Look Good Feel Better Foundation, I gave it a critical eye before agreeeing to anything. Well after doing my homework, I can say with confidence that this product both helps breast cancer patients and contributes towards an empowering breast cancer organization.

When my mom was suffering from breast cancer, she experienced chemotherapy-induced alopecia, or hair loss. She not only had hair loss on her scalp but on her eyebrows as well. While it’s less often talked about, eyebrow hair loss is devastating, as eyebrows are distinguishing facial features that we use regularly to express emotions. In some respects, eyebrows are a bigger marker for our emotions than even our eyes themselves. It’s difficult to hide eyebrow hair loss. My mom was tough, but I know deep down her overall hair loss caused her some great psychological distress.

Although EES can be used by anyone interested in thickening their eyebrows, it was originally designed to help women like my mom. The founder of the company, Renata Vestevich, was inspired to create the serum after watching her sister-in-law diagnosed with leukemia suffer from traumatic hair loss during chemotherapy. EES is designed to help women reduce or mitigate eyebrow hair loss caused by cancer treatment.

My mom in-between her cancer treatments. Photo contributed by author.

My primary concern before endorsing this partnership was determining if there are any health risks involved with the ingredients used in the serum. I would never support a product that contains carcinogens or other harmful chemicals. However, EES is not only paraben-free, it’s been clinically tested. According to a summary from PR Newswire, “91% of the 117 enrolled participants retained 50-100% of their eyebrow hair while undergoing chemotherapy treatment, despite experiencing full body hair loss elsewhere.” In the study, virtually none of the participants experienced adverse effects from the serum.

The EES serum includes black collash, which is a plant known for its medicinal purposes. According to the study published in Prime:

The authors theorize that the retention of eyebrow hair could be the result of the impact of black cohosh on the hair follicle, in effect ‘putting it to sleep’, halting or delaying hair growth during chemotherapy and avoiding the deleterious effects of chemotherapy-induced alopecia.

More research definitely needs to be done regarding the long-term health impact of the product, especially with more diverse populations.

It’s noteworthy to mention that the parent company for EES, RM Trademarks LLC, sponsored the study, but none of the researchers have any financial ties to EES. The study also states that when the serum was tested in 2015 it was not mandated to be FDA-approved. EES hopes that the serum can one day classify as a botanical drug, but it doesn’t t appear to be classified as a drug at this time. But overall, the serum doesn’t contain any ingredients that stand out as being harmful.
For more from this study, please click here.

During the month of October, EES is partnering with the Look Good Feel Better (LGFB) Foundation for their “Think Pink” campaign. Until October 31st, if you use the promo code EES20PINK, you not only save $20 on your purchase of EES, but $10 of all sales are donated to LGFB.

LGFB is a non-profit organization that seeks to improve the self-confidence of cancer patients through free in-person and online beauty tutorials and workshops. When I first heard of the organization, truthfully at first I thought it was a little vain. But the more I listened to the testimonials and learned about the history of the organization, the more I realized that this non-profit does positively impact hundreds of thousands of cancer patients that are craving a sense of normalcy, and struggling to identify with their bodies during treatment. To quote LGFB, “cancer can rob a woman of her energy, appetite and strength. But it doesn’t have to take away her self-confidence.”

One caveat I would like to make about the organization is it doesn’t have a Charity Navigator rating, presumably because it’s essentially an arm of the American Cancer Society and the Professional Beauty Association. Their financial statements aren’t the most transparent either. However, because of the organizational giants that are backing it, I feel comfortable in saying that within reason, money donated to LGFB is being used to fund free programs for their constituents. LGFB won’t be an organization that conducts research, but this cause is important to a lot of people, and it’s mission is legitimate.

At the end of the day, there may be people in the breast cancer community that don’t support my decision to endorse this partnership. But like I’ve said on social media and in my most recent blog posts this Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I’m taking a middle ground on the pink ribbon and encouraging readers like you to make smart and mindful consumer decisions. This cause-related marketing partnership is certainly a legitimate one – it promotes both a product and a non-profit organization that are mutually active in helping breast cancer patients experiencing alopecia.

Note: This is not a paid advertisement. All expressed views are my own . 

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