Coming Up This October – How Can You Conduct Your Own Pink Ribbon Investigation

The sweet days of summer are winding down, which can only mean one thing in the breast cancer world – breast cancer awareness month is almost here. All year I’ve been preparing to launch a meaningful social media campaign that will rock your world and open your mind this October. So get ready, because this fall, I’m about to get real about breast cancer marketing and how you can become your own pink ribbon investigator. 

As a quick roundup, over the past year I have conducted a few of my own pink ribbon investigations. I looked at #ProjectOM, Pink Pals, and Kyocera. The point of all these investigations is to beg the ultimate question — Am I being deceived? I want to encourage all of you this fall to conduct your own investigations, and I will arm you with all the steps, tools, and advice that you’ll need. 

From an ethical standpoint, I’ve had to face some compromises to promote this social media campaign. 

First, I’ve had to accept that as much as I abhor the pink ribbon, it’s here to stay. The pink ribbon is ubiquitous with the breast cancer awareness movement, and since it’s not a trademarked symbol, there’s no reason it will disappear anytime soon. It’s too profitable. 

Second, I’ve had to recognize that like the pink ribbon, breast cancer awareness marketing isn’t going away anytime soon either. It pains me to say this, but I believe personally that the anti-pinkwashing advocacy space has been asking too much to simply eradicate the pink ribbon, or awareness campaigns from the likes of organizations like Komen. Because then that leaves the huge void – even if miraculously that were to all go away, then what? 

With all that in mind, my ultimate compromise is to address how to best inform others to act mindfully before buying a pink branded product. If it’s not going away, damn it we should be smart about how we promote it and which campaigns we support. That’s a lot of weight to handle, and I can’t do it alone. No one can. And that’s why this fall I want to create a united front for engaging in pink ribbon investigations — together.

If you haven’t yet, be sure to follow me on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Subscribe to updates on my blog via WordPress. And tell at least one person, someone you know, that stands to benefit from this information. It pains me to say this, but breast cancer virtually affects all of us, and how breast cancer awareness is marketed to the public is just as important. It doesn’t take much to take meaningful action, and this October I will show you how. 

Have suggestions for me about this campaign? Shoot me a note via email at, comment on this post, or send me a DM on Twitter @graceslawskiwrites

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