It’s Our Story, Not My Story


Listen here (Note: If the audio player appears as 0:00 out of 0:00, the audio still works, simply hit the play button).

Last week while driving to a restaurant with a friend for dinner, my friend casually asked me, “So is your blog, and the book you want to publish, just your personal memoirs?” Her question was legitimate, as I’ve spent the last few posts highlighting myself and my personal motivations for writing. However, my response to her question is simply that this writing project is more than just about me — it’s about a movement.

This writing project is hopefully a vehicle to share our stories, together, that when combined represent an unstoppable force. There’s more meaning to my words if I have your stories backing them up.

Together, I am certain we can create a narrative that reshapes how we all think about breast cancer, changing the dialogue from one that’s centered around commercialized hope, to one that’s more grounded in the difficult realities we all face when confronted with breast cancer.

When I was home for the Christmas holiday, I stumbled upon a blog post that presumably my dad printed out a few years ago. It was written by a woman named Meredith Israel Thomas that was diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic breast cancer, and was worried by the thought of leaving her five year old daughter Niomi behind. I recorded myself reciting that post because that message is one that I want to resonate with you all today. I want to share her story, just like I want to share yours.

For inquiries about sharing your story with me, please send me an email at 

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